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The Miami Triumvirate

Posted by Fish on Saturday, July 10, 2010 Under: NBA
After all the shananigans, Pat Riley has pulled off something once thought to be a dream. I can't believe athletes have finally realized that for a little less money, you can work together and win championships. Too bad the city of Miami doesn't deserve it.

Miami might take the title for fakest city in America. True fans in this city are hard to find, or maybe I'm just biased because in Green Bay, there's a 50+ year waiting list for season tickets to sit in freezing weather to wear a Chessehead and watch the Green and Gold. But, why does it take till game seven of a world series to sell tickets in South Florida? We have had one of the top three players in the NBA for seven years now and the Triple A has been halfway empty for much of those seven.

But now we get King James and everyone is suddenly a Heat fan. Really? Miami fans sure know how to ride the bandwagon.

Why do we get to watch the amazingness that this Triumvirate will produce? Poor Cleveland. They have been let down once again. I guess they should have made a bigger push to sign better sidekicks for Lebron before this past year.

No one should rip Lebron for leaving Cleveland. I mean sure having an hour long national show about your decision may be a little egotistical, but don't blame him for not wanting to pass up an opportunity never seen before. He gave everything he had for seven years to Cleveland. He tried his best. Without Lebron, the Cavs last year would be probably have been a 15 win team. Mo WIlliam and Delante West can only take you so far. Now it's just time a for a new chapter. Lebron realized that you can't do it on your own, and no one in NBA history really has. You need a TEAM.

Now the Miami Heat need a TEAM. They have a core, but not a team. Although, it just so happens this core is the most talented ever created. Pat Riley's true genius will now come into the spotlight. Can he convince veterans to join the heat by trading in money for a ring? The Heat won't win one with just the Triumvirate. Look at the 06 championship Heat Team. Sure they had Wade and Shaq, but the J-Will to run the point and slash in, with Posey on D and hitting big three's, with Zo giving a huge boost off the bench. Haslem was clutch from the baseline and Walker could draw a foul or two as well. Even old Gary Payton got the job done. It was a complete TEAM. Pat Riley needs to build another one. And I have a feeling he will.....

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