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2011 NFL Divisional Playoffs

Posted by on Saturday, January 15, 2011 Under: NFL

Seahawks (4) @ Bears (2)


Chase: Good Jay Cutler or bad Jay Cutler? Good Brett Favre or bad Brett Favre? All one in the same. Or maybe they’re not. We would have to ask Jenn Sterger. Or maybe we could text her. I may need to upgrade my data plan. I think Cutler’s due, for a bad game that is.


Fisch: I agree with you on the Sterger aspect of things, but even if Cutler shoots himself in the foot with his gunslinger mentality, the Bears defense will be there to stop the bleeding. I think the Seahawks will have a really tough time against the rested Bears defense. It’s hard to pick against Pete Carroll’s swag, but Urlacher and Co. will take care of business.


Chase: I’m not expecting another big game out of Hasselbeck, but I am expecting a strong performance out of Marshawn Lynch after one of the greatest runs in playoff history. We could see a possible big game out of Leon Washington as a returner and he’s the X-Factor.


Fisch: I’ll see your Leon Washington and raise you a Devin Hester, especially with Carroll saying he’ll kick to him. Good luck. I foresee a Super Bowl repeat with Hester running back the opening kickoff.


Chase: Seahawks 23 – Bears 17

Fisch: Bears 27 – Seahawks 17


Packers (6) @ Falcons (1)


Fisch: The Pack are the hottest team coming into the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers has played as well as Favre did fifteen years ago when he delivered them to the Super Bowl. Rodgers has a very legitimate chance of doing the same this year.


Chase: I’m taking Rodgers with his Super Mario celebration to take his team to the next level. (You see what I did there?) But not so fast on the championship. Expect a heavy dose of Starks and Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn!


Fisch: It’s hard to pick a six over a one seed, but it’s not every year you see a six with a passing attack like the Packers have. Add one of the top defenses in the league to that and you get a win in the Georgia Dome. Look for Charles Woodson to blow up at least two runs in the backfield.


Chase: I’m going with Fisch on this one. Gotta go with the hot hand, at least for one more week.


Chase: Packers 20 – Falcons 14

Fisch: Packers 34- Falcons 27


Chase: Hey Fisch what’s on your chin there? A little bit of bias?


Fisch: Well after they put up 45 points on your Giants, 34 isn’t that outrageous.


Ravens (5) @ Steelers (2)


Chase: Let’s get ready to rumbleeee!!


Fisch: Cue the fight music.


Chase: So who’s the hardest hitter on field? Ray Lewis… or Hines Ward? Roethlisberger’s nose is broken, Ed Reed’s brother is missing, James Harrison’s wallet is lighter, and Polamalu is out of shampoo. Even though the Steelers have a more explosive offense, Ray Lewis is focused and Flacco will have a breakout game in the playoffs. A breakout breakout game. A breakout franchise QB game.


Fisch: Although Terrell Suggs does receive a golden star from for his hilarious twitter pic earlier this week, I wouldn’t wanna give Psycho Ward any more motivation after seeing the wood he put on Ed Reed.


Chase: I think Pittsburgh has had the upper hand in this series for too long, and the wind is about change. The wind beneath the Raven’s wings. Quote the Raven: Nevermore.


Fisch: There’s a reason Pittsburgh has had the upper hand for this long. They’re winners. They are made to win in the playoffs. They’re an incredibly physical team, and Big Ben’s ability to extend the play will show up on Sunday.


Chase: Ravens 17 – Steelers 10

Fisch: Steelers 20 – Ravens 16


Jets (6) @ Patriots (1)


Fisch: I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard a coach talk more trash then Rex Ryan. The most amazing part is, he has the either the guts or stupidity to talk after that 45-3 shellacking last time he was in New England. I’m not confident this outing will be all that much better.


Chase: The game is afoot. With Cromartie’s foul language and Wes Welker putting his foot in his mouth, will this game live up to the trash talking or will we have another Patriots beatdown? Not so fast. I think the Jets will get back to the ground and pound, and the tide is coming in strong around Revis Island. Swim Parallel to the shore. Expect two sacks from Jason Taylor and a Jets upset.


Fisch: Please give me some of whatever you’re taking, because this one won’t even be close. Belichick is an absolute genius, especially when compared to the Dufus Maximus (see Ryan, Rex).


Chase: I think the Jets have too much pride and it’s now or never. It’s time to payback the hoodie. J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS.


Fisch: What a New Yorker.


Chase: Jets 21 – Patriots 17

Fisch: Patriots 31 – Jets 13

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