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2011 NFL Conference Championship Picks

Posted by Mike Fischer on Thursday, January 20, 2011 Under: NFL

NFC Championship: Packers (6) @ Bears (2)


Chase: As much as it pains me to say this. I’m gunna have to pick the Packers in this one. Aaron Rodgers is on fire and I’m still waiting for bad Jay Cutler to show up. Brett Favre Jr. Jr… Packers secondary is too good, and won’t drop the interception opportunities like the Seahawks. Woodson is good for one, Williams might be good for two, and you never know what Clay Matthews is capable of doing.


Prince: Cheeseheads, Da Bears, who cares? The Dolphins are at home… Am I the only one noticing Aaron Rodgers is lighting it up. Packers by 17… Just can’t stop thinking Nnamdi Asomugha is a free agent.


Fisch: I’m going with the second fastest quarterback in the Rodgers family, Aaron Rodgers. He won’t be able to shake and bake defenders like he did in Atlanta due to the bad turf, so instead of putting up 48 points, he’ll only be able to put up 38. Packers Defense will have at least 3 pics, one of them to the house. Cutler gets booed off the field in the fourth quarter after throwing the dagger.


Chase: Packers 30 – Bears 21

Prince: Packers 35 – Bears 17

Fisch: Packers 38 – Bears 17


AFC Championship: Jets (6) @ Steelers (2)


Chase: How can you go against Big Ben? He goes off every game. He can’t be sacked, but I think it’s the Jets’ year. Mike Wallace will be on Revis Island.


Prince: Revis won’t cover Ward, he’s too old. When’s the last time you’ve seen him make him a play over 15 yards?


Fisch: I’ve seen him run over Ed Reed!


Chase: The rest of the receivers will be on Cromartie Coast, and it will come down to if Bart Scott and the Jets defense can sack Big Ben. I’m taking the Jets by a foot. Just playing.


Prince: It’s good to know that the New York Football Jets travel with a fireman, the fireman, because the Jets are gunna burn Terrible Towels this weekend. Ben, tell all your receivers sorry, because by beating the Ravens you got all your receivers a vacation on Revis Island! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Go Green!


Fisch: I don’t even deserve to pick this game after I picked the Pats to blow out the Jets last week. I’ll go with the Jets losing again, as I have a hard time seeing the Jets beating Big Ben. He’s just a winner. Simple as that.


Chase: Jets 24 – Steelers 14

Prince: Jets 16 – Steelers 10

Fisch: Steelers 23 – Jets 20

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